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About Us

American Canvas Prints was a brainchild of our founder Mark M Dassanayake. We are located in the city of Fullerton in Orange County California. We use high tech equipment in our facility and we are highly committed to produce the best quality canvas products. Our money back guarantee gives you the peace of mind especially when you ask us to drop your shipping on your behalf.

Canvas Printing is an Art

American Canvas Prints is dedicated to cater the highest quality canvases for you at wholesale prices. We don’t
take any substandard procedures.All our canvas products are carefully hand crafted and inspected by the industry expert and highly qualified technicians individually. We use only high quality materials and we provide a lifetime money back guarantee for all our canvas products.

When you buy canvas products, you should pay attention to the following.

Quality of our Framing

At American Canvas Prints, we take the quality as our top priority. The frame of the canvas is the most important as it gives the structure for the canvas. Most of the industry giants use cheap alternatives instead of solid wood stretcher bars such as the wood manufactured from sawdust or wood chips. Some manufactures use solid wood but really thin or thick wood which will turned in to be thinner overtime.

At American Canvas Prints, we use only solid pine wood for canvases that will never get crooked, warped or distort. We create solid thick wood framing with lifelong strong structure. We don’t tack any low quality methods or materials to cut the cost.

Quality of our Stretching

All our canvases products are carefully hand crafted with love. We use high quality industry standard methods for our stretching. We do not use glue fix the canvas to the frame. Traditional gallery wrap canvases are hand stretched over wooden stretcher bars and secured to the back of the frame. Quality stretching involves the canvas image being tightly wrapped around the frame with the corners cut and folded to produce neat and clean corners and back-sides. Most of the industry giants do not go to an extra mile to correctly affix the canvas to the wooden structure which most probably will end up in a loose wrap that distorts the image or have untidy folds, corners, and loose ends. At American Canvas Prints, we provide you with a money back guarantee for our professional stretching and a clean cut backside.

Color management

Most of the industry giants do not use
the professional calibrating systems which will produce low quality prints will not look like the original image. At American Canvas Prints, we use only high quality and industry certified inks. We use the Adobe RGB color profile to ensure your images come out 100% accurately, and we regularly color calibrate our monitors & printing machines.

To get the prints in its original condition, it is really important to make sure that you regularly color calibrate the monitors and printers. It is also important that you use high quality industry certified OEM pigment inks which will protect the prints from getting faded and use poly-cotton blend and 100% cotton canvases that are free of acids, pH neutral which will not get yellowish over time.

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